Multi-Millionaire Speaks Out Against Housing First

As a survivor of homelessness and extreme poverty, billionaire Matthew Gallagher recently penned a Newsweek op-ed, citing several examples of how the administration’s infrastructure plan for rental assistance and grants does not adequately address America’s homelessness problem. Although Congress invested six percent more in homeless assistance grants in 2020, statistics do not show any significant improvement. Several recent studies have indicated much greater success when assigning a social worker or advocate to a homeless person, rather than simply providing them with a house. As Gallagher states, “The solution isn’t just about building homes, it needs to be about supporting homeless people’s physical and mental health and creating new lives—not just new apartments.”

The Medford Gospel Mission doesn’t accept government money to get individuals rapidly housed because in government funded housing. Our transformational approach takes time because it equips individuals to be restored to a place of dignity in our community. As important as that is, we are a Christ-centered, faith-based non-profit that does not accept government funding in order to maintain our religious liberties.

Thank you for helping us restore lives right here in our community!


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