The medford gospel mission  has been an arm of the churches in the rogue valley SINCE 1959!

Contact us to find out how your church can be invovled.

Pastoral help during COVID-19 pandemic

We need help from the protestant/evangelical pastors of the Rogue Valley. We are looking for half hour commitments (11:00 – 11:30), once a month to help men and women in our Whole Person Restoration Program. During this time 30-60 men and women will be gathered into small groups at our campuses to connect with you via Zoom.

During this half hour we would like you to preach, pray, and give pastoral care. Preach a sermonette that you find applicable to the time that we are in. Pray for the church, the mission, the country, and ask for prayer requests from the program participants. What I mean by pastoral care is talking to these individuals as a pastor even though you may not be their pastor, giving them encouragement to grow in their faith during this difficult time and seek the grace of God in their lives.