You Can Help us Change Lives Right Here in Our Community

We Provide Services To Assist Men, Women, And Families In Our Community Every Day Of The Year...

... with the help of wonderful volunteers we operate a full-service restaurant and clothing store that charges our guests absolutely nothing.

We also help by providing shelter to people that find themselves without a home..

... this might be shelter for a short period of time or during inclement weather. We encourage our guests to apply for one of our life changing programs that can help them out of homelessness.

We offer Life-Changing Programs to both men and women...

... because many of our guests are looking for a "hand-up" out of the situation that they are in and can benefit from a longer stay with us and the benefits that our programs have to offer.

We work to empower people – one small step at a time – by building within them the confidence to take ownership of their lives.

This typically happens in three stages; relief, restoration, and transformation.

I. Relief

The first step is relief and comes in the form of offering food, clothing, and shelter in a compassionate, respectful way as we build relationships with them.

Food: Our Main Ingredient Community Restaurant operates seven nights a week and serves restaurant quality food in a fun environment, with the help of friendly volunteers.

Clothing: Our Outfit Outlet Clothing Store offers clothing six days a week with newly gently used clothing donated by our dedicated donors.

Shelter: Our Emergency Shelter services strive to form personal relationships with every overnight guest.

We know that simply offering free services, as nice as they are, won’t bring lasting change. This is why the goal in all three of these areas is to first gain relational trust.

This is extremely important because many of the people we serve have relational barriers that have them feeling stuck in the situation they find themselves in.

Once we gain their trust and the person is ready for real life change, we can start to do the work of empowering them down the road of restoration that leads to transformation.

II. Restoration

Restoration happens as we empower our guests to take responsibility to address the challenges they face.

They do this as they enter our Getting Things Done program that gives them the opportunity to set goals and accomplish them over the course of 10 weeks while living at the mission.

We meet with these guests twice a day to encourage them to stay the course and once a week to empower them to plan for their next steps.

These individuals also invest a small amount of time every day completing tasks that keep our facilities a pleasant place to live and embolden them to become part of a positive environment that helps other people in need.

Over the course of these 10 weeks most of our Getting Things Done participants accomplish their goals and leave better equipped to live a more responsible life in our community.

We can only accomplish so much in 10 weeks so we encourage people to invest in themselves by committing to our two-year development program called the Upper Room Transitional Living Program that enables them to work on whole life transformation.

III. Transformation

The Upper Room Transitional Living Program leads people out of the life of dependence, depression, and addiction by encouraging them to address the challenges that they face.

Over the course of two years whole life transformation comes as the individual is challenged to change at the core of who they are as they work on their relationships with God, self, others, and their community.

With the help and trust from one of our community mentors they are empowered to take ownership of their lives, and with confidence set long term goals and achieve their dreams.

In short, we care about…

Growth and Healing Through Relationships

We believe in a relational ministry. The Homeless people in Medford do not need another dollar or more free food. They need the love of Jesus expressed through his representatives – his ambassadors. We seek to love those the world has left behind.

Restoring People Through Responsibility

We believe in empowering people to make positive changes as they take responsibility for their actions and strive to bring about change.

Transformation of the Whole Person

We believe in helping restore people’s relationships to God, self, others, and their community through the help of mentors in our community.