Educational Restoration

Workforce Development 

When you invest in the Mission you are investing in the lives of people who are working hard to find their way back into the workforce in our community.

Workforce development is an important part of our Whole Person Restoration Program because it trains individuals to be more productive in the workplace, which benefits not only them, but their future employer as well. Throughout their time in the program, we teach them marketable hard skills and soft skills that can be utilized in the workplace.

The three soft skills that we focus on are humility, hunger, and people smarts. Humility is a healthy pride in a job well done without being arrogant and boastful. Hunger is the drive to not only do what is asked well, but do more than is expected. People smarts are skills that help them listen and communicate clearly and with respect. As these soft skills are developed and put into practice throughout their time in the program, they become habits that will help them sustain future employment.

When it comes to hard skills, we have five main skill areas for our participants to pursue: Restaurant, Retail, Maintenance, Guest Services, and Program Support. Individuals learn Restaurant skills while working in our (Main Ingredient) restaurant that provides meals for the public. In Retail, individuals learn about retail operations in our Outfit Outlet clothing store. In the Maintenance track individuals learn basic handyman skills that can be utilized in many areas of employment. Our Guest Services track teaches basic reception and office skills. Program Support provides training for individuals who are interested in working in Gospel Missions.

This soft skill and hard skill training along with our Christ-centered classes, provide the groundwork to finding and keeping sustainable employment and ending homelessness one person at a time.