Relief Services

Basic relief services like food, clothing, and shelter are important because they are the necessities that all people need to survive. With help from our dedicated team of volunteers the relief services that the Mission provides are anything but basic. 

  • We provide a dining experience every night of the week in our Main Ingredient Restaurant that serves restaurant quality meals in our full service restaurant environment. 
  • We provide a shopping experience in our Outfit Outlet clothing store every weekday.  
  • We provide an opportunity to make a fresh start in our transitional living shelter.

When you think of the homeless challenges in our community, I urge you not to just think about it purely as a problem of a lack of material resources like food, clothing, and shelter. Material poverty is real and many non-profits in our community, including the Mission, strive to provide these material resources to the homeless. But providing material things only gets people so far because sustainable change comes not from the outside-in, but from the inside-out.

This is the very reason the Mission focuses on providing Christ-centered restoration that produces true change by providing a fresh start in life.

Material resources are short term fixes and providing them alone enables people to remain unchanged. But restoration directly involves the individual in the process of changing their own life by using their gifts and talents to contribute to their own improvement. As this happens, they are fulfilled and they have a true hope for the future.