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Today I went to a local business to pick up a donation of produce. There’s a guy there named Johnny who’s there sometimes. He previously said to me how much he appreciates what we do for the homeless because he was once homeless living in Venice Beach. Johnny said he wasn’t feeling well today and asked if I could lift the boxes of produce into the van because his back was hurting. I said sure and probed a little more about what was going on with him physically. He said he’s had to miss a bit of work because he has a condition where there’s a cyst on his spine. The doctors are not sure what to do because the treatment could paralyze him but his condition could also paralyze him.  He told me he will be moving back to Virginia to be with his girlfriend. He said he’s had a long distance relationship with her for the past year and a half. I asked if I could pray for him and he gave me an enthusiastic, “Yes!”  I was putting my arm around his shoulder and he hugged me with both arms, which surprised me.   I prayed that God would help him feel better and that He would give the physicians wisdom to know how to treat his condition.  I prayed that God would sustain Johnny and that he would know God’s love and His desire to bless him. I also prayed for traveling mercies as his girlfriend comes to Medford from Virginia to help him move his stuff back to Virginia. After we prayed, Johnny let out a big sigh of relief. He said it has been hard being here because he’s all by himself and he was on the verge of tears. I told him that I was sorry that it has been hard for him and that I would continue to pray for him.  I am fighting back tears as I recall all of this and I thank God for the opportunities that He gives us to be His hands and feet.   Please continue to pray for Johnny. I want to talk to him more about God the next time I see him. Pray that his heart would be open.


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