Out of the Mouth of Babes…

I am the program manager for a Mission family here that has three children.  The eldest child is a six-year-old boy.  When he first came to the Mission, he was withdrawn and would not look at or talk to me.  They have been here at the Bartlett Campus since July 30 and I visit them on a weekly basis.  Since that first encounter, these little children have absolutely bloomed!  Aden, the six-year-old boy, speaks the most precious prayers for us when we are done with our meeting.  Today I asked him to pray and he willingly said, Yes!”  His prayer went like this:  “Dear Jesus, thank you for letting us speak kind words and be nice to one another and thank you for our home here.  Thank you for this lady, Gale, for coming and visiting us.  In Jesus Name, Amen”.  His three-year-old sister just puts her little hands together and is very quiet during prayer and then gives me a hug.   Aden drew with chalk on the sidewalk and wrote,  “Jesus Loves You”.  I am so blessed!


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