DIRECT REPORT: The Bartlett Campus Manager reports directly to the CEO/Executive Director who oversee all operations for the Medford Gospel Mission. The Bartlett Campus Manager is also a member of the Mission’s leadership team which includes the CEO/Executive Director, Development Director, and the Jackson Campus Manager.

OVERVIEW: The Bartlett Campus manager oversees all programs, services, and operations for single women and mothers with children, while meeting the Mission’s mission, vision, values, and purpose.  

Mission Statement: The Medford Gospel Mission exists as a Christ-centered ministry to provide relief, restoration, and transformation for our community.

Vision: To build relationships and to restore people to wholeness in our community.

Core Values:

We value relationships. We believe in having a relational ministry. People need the love of Jesus expressed through His representatives—His ambassadors. We seek to love those the world has left behind.

o We value empowerment. We desire to restore people through promoting responsibility. We believe in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives and being accountable for their actions.

o We value transformation. We aspire to restoring people’s relationship to God, self, others, and their community.

Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. The Word of God clearly instructs us how to do this in Matthew 22:37-40 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” Therefore, we show our love for God and our neighbors (the homeless and housed) in two distinct ways making our purpose twofold. The primary purpose of the Mission is to reach people in our community with the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as understood in the Protestant/Evangelical traditions through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Our secondary purpose is to serve our neighbors in a caring way, with the abundance of gifts that the Lord has blessed us; enabling us to feed, clothe and shelter people in need. It is our desire to not simply provide a hand out but to provide a hand up, giving individuals the ability to make real changes in their lives. Therefore, we provide programs that teach individuals to live as valuable members of our community and their chosen church.


Christ Centered Approach to Ministry

EXALT Christ and share the Gospel while working in His Name in our community. (Exalt who Jesus is, what He achieved, and what it means in the lives of the people we serve.)

EXCEED the world’s standard while serving the purposes of God’s kingdom. (Not just meeting physical needs but spiritual needs that can only be found in the Word of God.)

EXPEDITE our response to needs as the Lord reveals opportunities to minister. (Don’t waste a day in responding with compassion. People are here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t miss an opportunity to share the Gospel.)

EXHIBIT character and integrity by seeking to obey the truths of the Word of God. (Rely on the Law of God as His perfect righteous standard and rely on the Gospel for forgiveness of sin.)

EXPECT God to do the impossible. (Walk in faith knowing that the Gospel has the power to change lives.

Team Management 

The Bartlett Campus Manager leads, motivates, and trains a team of three coaches who are responsible for coaching long term program participants.


The Bartlett Campus Manager is responsible for all operations at the verse the intake process of individuals seeking services at the MGM.

Volunteer Management 

The Bartlett Campus Manager leads a team of volunteer mentors, teachers, and other individuals that help out at the Bartlett Campus.

Strategic Planning and Program Development

The Bartlett Campus Manager works with the leadership team to think strategically to continue to develop our programs and services.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Desire to work as a team in providing relief, restoration, and transformation for our community. Must have a heart to help individuals in need. Must be able to share the Gospel and pray with people. Must possess excellent communication skills and willing to lead a team as an Ideal team Player. Must be proficient in using the computer and willing to learn new programs. Experience with Microsoft Office or Word and/or Excel is a plus. Must be able to work with the diverse protestant/Evangelical churches in the Rogue Valley.

HOURS: This is a full-time position that requires individuals to work 45 hours a week primarily Monday thru Friday 8-5.

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