Two Year Program – Upper Room Transition Living

The Upper Room Transitional Living program is Christ Centered, Mentor Driven, and Goal Specific living in a safe and positive environment. With the help of one of our mentors, we help the individual succeed and leave the program better equipped to handle the challenges that come with everyday life.

Our program consists of three pillars; spiritual growth, serving the community, and accomplishing personal goals. All three of these make up a well-rounded individual and member of our community. Spiritual growth comes through sitting under the preaching and teaching of the word of God. Therefore, program members are required to attend morning bible study and evening chapel services daily. They are also encouraged to find and join a local evangelical church where they can worship weekly. They also take an active part in serving the community by taking on tasks that serve our guests and help make the Mission a special place. Success comes as the individual sets personal goals and moves towards accomplishing them. These goals may be financial, relational, and/or educational.

We believe good things can’t be rushed. That is the reason that the program is designed for a two-year stay. During this time we partner our men up with a mature Christian man to mentor them every step of the way. The first six months are spent learning to live a stable life away from destructive habits that they may have developed over the years. This is an opportunity for them to spend time caring for others and developing their spiritual life in a safe environment. During the second six months they focus on progressing in skills that will help them be successful in the future. This may include working with local agencies such as: Foundations for Recovery, Work Source Oregon, Vocational Rehab, and Rogue Community College. The final year consists of securing employment, which enables them to reduce debt and save money for future needs after they graduate and move on.

These steps, thoughtfully pursued coupled with the encouragement of the mentors and directors of the Medford Gospel Mission help these men succeed in their chosen, post-Mission path.