At the Bartlett Street Campus we have experienced extreme change in the last eight months.  We are restructuring our campus to be managed similar/equal to the Jackson Street Campus.  One area of change is how we encourage a Christ-centered transformation in the ladies participating in our two-year Christian growth discipleship program.

Change is always difficult when it is generated by someone else into our lives.  This change was extremely scary for some. One of the former disciples was especially fearful but there was one piece of the new discipleship program that intrigued her:  our mentors.  

So, since November, she has submitted herself to our authority and dedicated herself to growing in her faith through attending our classes and serving others by managing our kitchen and our front desk on evenings and weekends.  It has not been easy, but she has been praying for that mentor. 

All the building blocks of this life transforming program are exciting, but I am thanking God for answering our prayer of bringing us our first mentor for the Bartlett Street Campus.  We are all excited as we trust God to lead these two women in building a healthy Christian friendship.  I know God has a beautiful plan for these women.

We have another disciple still waiting.  Are you possibly that mentor we have been lifting up in prayer?  Another prayer is for the mentors to come forward now, so we can see the relationship develop from the beginning of a woman’s stay with us.

Thank you for praying for this ministry.  We covet your prayers.


Ginger Bull

Medford Gospel Mission

Bartlett St. Campus Manager

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